Thursday, 18 October 2012

Android Twitter Integration in Application

Android app have sharing feature like Facebook,Twitter and Email.So one of this is Twitter.

First open Twitter Developer Site .Then sign in Twitter and Right-Top side you can see your Twitter Name.Click and you get 3 options and click on My Applications.

Then Click on  Create a new Application.Then fill up form.

Don't forgot to add Callback URL in form otherwise its take it as Desktop Application and its can't work in mobile app.

After Successfully creating application you get Consumer key and Consumer secret.Copy it.

Now Click on Settings tab and Under Application Type change your Access Type to  "Read, Write and Access direct messages" and click on Button which name as Update this twitter application's settings.You get this message "Your application's settings have been successfully updated."
Now download below code and add your Consumer key and Consumer secret.Now you can Twitt from your application.

You  Can  Download Full Source Code From Here


  1. Hi.,I have referred these tutorial.This is really very helpful to me...How can i post image on twitter wall.

  2. Hey, Nice Source. What should I do if I want to logout from the twiiter and login again? Please suggest.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thanks buddy, I was looking for it for twodays luckily i got here...

  5. good example but write some comment at some critical point so fresher can learn easily. other wise its awesome.Perfect & generalize coding.

  6. Hello Nice Tutorial. Can you also upload code for sharing image on twitter ? Please do that if possible. Thanks

  7. Really, it helps me a lot. But instead of text, how can i post images on Twitter. please give me your all suggestions.


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